Thursday, December 29, 2005

Let Goodale Stay

I've heard that in politics when a politician denies the obvious it only confirms the rumour:
During a brief statement Thursday morning, Martin called Goodale a "good and honest man" who has done nothing wrong -- despite a criminal investigation into whether alleged leaks from his office about his announcement on income trust taxation rules led to insider trading.

"I have full confidence in Ralph Goodale," said Martin.

How could he at this stage? Of course he can't. He's probably screaming at Goodale to produce a scapegoat.....

God, even Martha spent six months in the can for far less....

Meanwhile, Goodale pulls out the "Can't prove anything" defense:
ater in the afternoon, Goodale reiterated that he won't be stepping down during the criminal investigation.

"The RCMP have been very clear that they have no evidence..."

Not yet.

But then, why would they immediately launch an investigation if it was a big waste of time? Just a coincidence?

Are the multitudes of traders and CEO's stepping forward to acknowledge their advance knowledge of an announcement made by Goodale (which is confirmed by abnormal trading patterns) lying?

Or is Goodale?

Is it a massive conspiracy between traders to coordinate a huge increase before a major financial announcement, and then lie after the fact (en masse) to the media about their knowledge of the announcement's content?

Or is it possible that Goodale and his department lying?

I'll assume the simplest answer.
Anyways, if Goodale stays on he'll be a walking target and a living testament to the moral bankruptcy of the Liberals.

Keep him close, Paul. Really close. The combined stench of you two will be enough for most voters.


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