Monday, December 19, 2005

Carlson Removes Himself From Serious Debate

You tell me that nothing matters
You’re just f***ing scared
You tell me that I’m better
You just hate yourself
You tell me that you like her
You just wish you did
You tell me that I make no difference
Well at least I’m fucking trying
What the f*** have you done?
--Minor Threat
Remember when Tucker Carlson was somebody important until Jon Stewart whipped his ass on live TV? Yeah, I barely remember that:
U.S. pundits bash 'retarded cousin' Canada
Dec. 19, 2005. 04:11 PM

WASHINGTON — Canada has been described lately by a conservative U.S. television host [Tucker Carlson] as "a stalker" and a "retarded cousin." Another pundit recently asked if Canadians weren't getting "a little too big for their britches." There's been a spate of Canada-bashing by right-wing media commentators in the United States ever since Prime Minister Paul Martin's complaints about lumber penalties and U.S. policy on climate change. His remarks prompted an unusual rebuke last week from the American ambassador.
This is the time when Canucks should simply shrug. Carlson is not an idiot, and he is calculating that the Canadian and American response will be to raise a ruckus...and maybe...just maybe, Tucker will get some ratings.

Well, he's just as pointless a commentator as he was when he was on Crossfire. He mindlessly repeats Republican talking points while attempting to be the Eminem of TV debate: the guy who will go on the air with the BS you only say to your friends (or Peter C. Newman).

The difference is that Tucker is that dude you want to sucker punch when you see him, not the witty genius who you think is cool. He's annoying and basically a redundant nothing. He took a huge risk by calling a sovereign and sane friend a "retard" and has just moved himself into the Michael Moore area of the right- he now lacks credibility.

Shrug, Canada, shrug.

We've been called worse things by far better people.


Anonymous said...

Once i was working at this hotel in Vancouver, and a really friendly American wanted to know how long it would take to "git to dem Niagara Falls." He wanted to walk.

I have also had people in the middle of summer drive up from Washington State or California and ask me where all the snow was and if I lived in an igloo. And we're supposed to be the retards?

Shamrocks! said...

Heh. Did they ask you for change for some of that "funny money" (aka: loonies)?

In all fairness, I think both sides of the border have their share of idiots.

Carlson is an overgrown dweeb, and sees an opportunity to become another Ann Coulter, only with half the testoterone and muscle tone.

Brandon said...

Check this out:

Feel free to use them