Wednesday, November 09, 2005

%&*#$! Just Table the Non-Confidence Motion

If this is where it all starts getting good
Then I'll be here waiting for you, like I said I would
--Tragically Hip

Nothing's worse than watching pols pretend to be hard:
"I'm really looking for a clear signal that in fact he wants to defeat the government," Harper told reporters after a speech in the same Toronto hotel where Layton spoke the day before.

"I can't win a vote in the House of Commons without the support of the NDP and all indications I've had to this point are that Mr. Layton will still not support a motion to bring down the government."
Geez, boy-o...There's a tonne of leadership here, eh? Layton is swearing up and down on a load of bibles in press conferences that he'll back a non-confidence vote, so is he going to shoot his own credibility in the foot by backing out?

It's possible, but no one's going to vote for him after that anyways..Look at this:
"We are very clear," Layton told reporters in Vancouver.

"If there's non-confidence motions before the House (of Commons) we'll be voting against confidence.

"We don't believe the government deserves our confidence any longer."

Layton went a step farther than Harper, stating that he would also vote against the Liberals' supplementary budget estimates Dec. 8 or any other confidence matter.

Harper really has to start picking his spots more carefully. This is really weak.... And it's not that I trust Layton, it's just so obvious that after making all these statements he couldn't possibly back down now and support the Liberals.

In fact, I don't think Jack is the one worried about calling an election at all......

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Canadi-anna said...

It seems obvious that Layton is intent on appearing powerful, with out having to deal with the consequences of actually doing anything. Hence, the use of the word 'if' and the implication that someone else will have to table a non-confidence motion.