Monday, November 14, 2005

Am(Y)en For Trade

Money hafta make,
Money hafta spend
From the Guilder to the Yen to the Benjamin
Today Japan, tomorrow ASEAN:
OTTAWA -- Canada and Japan are moving closer to free-trade talks, sources say, with both countries now ready to sign an economic co-operation deal and launch a joint study that Ottawa believes will lead to full-fledged negotiations.

The framework deal ready to be inked would strengthen economic co-operation between Canada and Japan, while the joint study -- expected to take up to one year -- would probe the benefits of further liberalization of trade and investment rules between the countries.
Why the sudden push? Could it be...oh, I don't, Softwood?
Canada sees the Asian country as part of its strategy to diversify trade beyond the United States, which consumed more than 84 per cent of Canadian exports last year.

Holla! And if we sign with the Japanese, we can take that agreement to the bank. It's done. I'll take Japanese over American trade ethics any day of the week. Including Tuesdays.
Fox is retarded. The Japanese news isn't caring at all about some 14 inch tsunami. Check any of the links on the right and tell if the Far East could give a rat's ass about this fearmongering BS.

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