Sunday, October 30, 2005

What's the $750,000 for, Libranos?

Monkey see, monkey do -- I don't know why I
Walk around, follow you -- I don't know why I
Throw it out, keep it in -- I don't know why I
Have to have poison skin -- I don't know why I

Pay to play
I'm already shocked that the Gomery report will be pre-released to the Liberals at 6pm on Hallowe'en- just in time for the Glib and Stale to announce (using sources from the "senior members of the Martin's inner circle") that the Liberals are "completely exonerated":
OTTAWA -- Opposition leaders were openly jealous and angry yesterday after learning that the Martin government will get an early peek at the Gomery report on Monday evening, more than 16 hours before it is made public.
Jealous and angry? Does the Globe even bother trying to hide it's bias anymore? These guys are like FoxNews North: repeating the administration's BS.

Forgetting that bit, though, it seems like the report has already leaked:
Liberal party officials say even they don't expect warning of the report's contents -- but they have their main answer prepared.

Within hours or days of its release, the party plans to dip into a $750,000 trust fund it recently set aside to refund taxpayers.

"We know we will have a responsibility to reimburse the government of Canada," said the Liberals' national director, Steven MacKinnon.

WTF? First off, how do they know about that amount? And what are they not disclosing to the public?

Just in case you thought this Gong Show couldn't get more Gong Show-ish, the Chretienites are about to go into overdrive to protect their dear leader. Oh boy. Expect more veiled legal threats against a sitting judge.
Kate's got the question right here.

Oh just take it or leave it
And take it or leave it
Oh take it

I say, he's gonna let you down
He's gonna let you down
He's gonna let you down
And gonna break your back, for a chance
--The Strokes

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