Monday, September 26, 2005

Paisley's Only Happy When It Rains

The world celebrates a win......

IRA disposes 'totality' of illegal arsenal

The Irish Republican Army has completely disposed of the weapons it used during its armed campaign against British Rule in Northern Ireland. According to international monitors, "We have now reported to the British and Irish governments that we have observed and verified events to put beyond use very large quantities of arms which we believe are all the arms in the IRA's possession."

Ian Paisley somehow paints it as a loss...
Angry Ian Paisley condemns ‘treachery’

THE official declaration that the IRA has finally decommissioned every last bullet, gun, and bomb in its arsenal was last night widely hailed as a historic breakthrough in Northern Ireland's peace process.

But any thought of a speedy return to devolved politics was dashed when Ian Paisley, leader of the hardline Democratic Unionists, the largest party, condemned what he branded as the "deceitfulness and treachery" of the decommissioning process.
Er, yeah....that guy in charge of IRA disarmament, Canadian General de Chastelain is just a tad treacherous, isn't he? Always working hard, putting himself in harms way disarming terrorists and helping to heal a ancient conflict on a restless island. He's got something about him that reeks of uh, um......

Bravery and selflessness.

Paisley is should be the last person to call anyone treacherous.

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