Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Gaza To Belfast: Idiots Gone Wild

Exhibit A: Gaza. Tens of millions of dollars were spent by private donors to preserve the lucrative greenhouses of Gaza, seen here:

And within the first 24 hours, an opportunity for development and prosperity was destroyed:

There were reports yesterday of Palestinians storming greenhouses left behind by Israel in a deal brokered by private American organizations. In Gadid, a large former Jewish farming community, a group of looters overwhelmed hundreds of PA guards who acknowledged they were unable to hold back the crowds.

Anita Tucker, one of the pioneer farmers of Gush Katif and the owner of several greenhouses left behind in Gaza, told WND: "I am not in the least bit surprised by what the Palestinians are doing. Still, I put my whole life's work into my greenhouses, and it pains me, it sickens me in my stomach, to even think of what is now happening to them."

Exhibit, B: Belfast. Protestant UVF, being the hateful terrorist group they are, encouraged teenage boys to attack policemen with Molotov cocktails resulting in...

Here are the boys in action:

About 50 police officers were injured in the violence in which Protestant paramilitaries fired automatic weapons at authorities and tossed gasoline bombs at them.

Rioters also destroyed vehicles, hijacked buses and burned stores and banks.

It's funny they break their own truce with the British government right after the IRA announces a full disarmament, isn't it? It's almost like they don't want peace... Funny, all their terror flags running up every flag poll in Northern Ireland's countryside give a totally different impression.

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