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Notice To My Other Nation-Japan Stop Being An Jackass
Everything you say to me
Takes me one step closer to the edge
And I'm about to break

shut up when I'm talking to you

Just when I think things are looking up for Japan (Koizumi skips Yasukini, apologizes, etc) I see this in the Yomiuri Shinbun:
Although the death sentence handed down to Hirota was unjust, we wonder if he was responsible for the war.

What about the responsibility of those who allowed the toll of victims at home and abroad to grow by blocking Japan from making peace at the earliest possible date, despite the worsening state of the war for Japan?
Drugs are frowned upon in Japan, and are for all intents and purposes non-existent, so what explains the crackhead history lesson? Did ODB leave some of his stash behind in Japan for the editorial board at Yomiuri? Japan? A victim of WW II? Seeking peace? What about the talk of 100 million martyrs for the emperor? How short is your memory?
At a climactic last Imperial Conference, War Minister Anami was still talking about going on with the war, of meting out a terrible blow to the enemy and achieving a good opportunity to end the war. Japan must press forward courageously, seeking Life in Death: certain victory was not assured, but neither was utter defeat. The terrain was working in favor of the defenders, and so was the inflexible national unity. But just in case a massive blow against the enemy proved not possible, it seemed appropriate for the name of Nippon to be inscribed forever in history by the annihilation of her 100 million loyal subjects, etc., etc. And tears welled into the eyes of the earnest War Minister.

How's that again? Japan was seeking what? And don't think that Japan wouldn't have drank the kool aid either-just remember what happened at Okinawa:
..[C]ivilian losses in the battle were at least 130,000*.
Note(*)-This figure is accurate, however very few civilians were actually killed in battle. Rather, the majority of civilian casualities were suicides.....

Back to the Yomiuiri, the drug adled historical hysterectomy keeps on coming though:
If the Tokyo Trial is considered to have had many highly questionable and unfair elements, it may be advisable for the Japanese people to reconsider who bears responsibility for the war.

In doing so, it will be necessary to undertake a review that is distanced from the concept of "war criminals" [ed: that's right....quotes]as defined within the political framework of the victorious nations.
For the nth time, let's take a look at these misunderstood war veterans of Japan's victorious struggle against the Western Imperialists-the so-called "War Criminals".
(1) Hideki Tojo (December 30, 1884 - December 23, 1948)

Tojo was a member of the military clique that pushed Japan into its all-out war against the Chinese in the 1930s.

He rose from chief of the Manchurian (Northeast China) secret police in 1935 to councillor of Manchurian Affairs Bureau in 1936 and Chief of Staff of the Kwangtung Army and Chief of the Kempeitai.

As War Minister in 1940, he was instrumental in leading Japan into the Axis Alliance with Germany and Italy.
What a charmer! He got in bed with the Nazis and pushed for a war with China that included the use of germ warfare on the part of the Japanese.
Tojo is considered responsible for the murder of almost four million Chinese.
That's 4 million people. If he isn't a War Criminal, then who is?
(2)Kenji Doihara (August 8, 1883 - December 23, 1948)

Doihara served as a Japanese spy in northeastern China since 1913. He was one of the main plotters of the so-called Mukden Incident, making an excuse for the Japanese invasion of Northeast China prior to World War II.

He later served as Commander of Kwantung Army (1938-40), Supreme War Council (1940-43) and Army commander in Singapore (1944-45).

On November 4, 1941, as Major-General of Japanese Air Force, he approved attack on Pearl Harbour.
Hey! He gave them a reason!
(3) Iwane Matsui (1878 - 1948)

Matsui was the commanding officer of the Japanese expeditionary force responsible for the Nanjing Massacre in 1937.

As Commander of the Japanese Shanghai Expeditionary Force (SEF), he planned the attack of Nanjing, capital of Jiangsu Province.

On December 10, 1937, the SEF began its attack on Nanjing, and the Kuomintang forces that remained surrendered on December 13, 1937. The Nanjing massacre began immediately afterwards, but halted only temporarily when Matsui marched triumphantly into Nanjing on December 17, 1937.
I've already gone off on this jackass before, but the guy who committed himself to the Rape of Nanjing needs to be remembered.


Time to review responsibility for the atrocities, is it? Who is holding the sword, here? Is this the freedom from Western Imperialism that Japan likes to think it gave the Far East?

Here's some of the other quotes from the War Criminals hall of shame:

...involved in the brutalisation of the Allied POWs and was the field commander in Myanmar when civilian and POW slave labours built and died on the Siam-Myanmar Railway.
As premier, he led his cabinet in planning the invasions of Southeast Asia and the Pacific islands, in addition to continuing the undeclared war against China.
Troops under his command in China and elsewhere terrorized prisoners and civilians. He was also responsible for prison camps in Java, Sumatra, Malaya, Borneo and elsewhere.
In 1941, Nagano became Chief of the Naval General Staff. In this capacity, Nagano ordered the attack against the United States Pacific Fleet in Pearl Harbour.
A supporter of military expansionism, he favoured an alliance among Germany, Italy and Japan to dominate the world.

All worthy of their sentences. All assholes. All Class A War Criminals.
Here's a little rundown of the editorials from the Far East concerning Japan's role in WWII.

Japan is still tone deaf. Unreal. I'm really disappointed that Japan would choose to act like this.

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