Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Murder Was The Case: The Brazillian In London
Pumpin on my chest and I'm screamin'
I stop breathin', damn I see demons
Dear God, I wonder can ya save me
I can't die Boo-Boo's bout to have my baby
The recent slaying of a Brazillian at a Tube station is causing quite a bit of controversy. The man, Jean Charles de Menezes, was an electrician who was in Britain on an expired student visa.

Now the summarily executed Brazillian has no shortage of people justifying the use of lethal force against himself, as an unarmed and innocent man.

The real question is why some of us on the right are trying to justify this use of police brutality?

A better question might be "Have any of these bloggers/writers spent time as a visible minority living in another country?"

I'm going to guess that's a big fat "no".

If they had spent time as a vulnerable and targeted minority, they'd not be so quick to condemn a man to death for having run from plainclothed policemen brandishing guns. That's confusing enough for native westerners in an innercity already, but for a foreign national, that's about 10 times worse. Add some language difficulty and a healthy dose of superfear and you have a vulnerable and excited expat, unable to communicate with his would-be killers.

As a matter of fact, the Brazillian did make the right decision to try and outrun the cops, because when they did catch up with him, they killed him. He judged their intentions correctly: His life was in danger. Escape was the best response.

If these bloggers/writers/ had spent time living in a culture other than their own, they would not be so quick to nitpick about little details about whether his paperwork was up to date as if it were a capital offense. Or whether he was coming out of suspected residence.

Two things: Even if he was coming out the "wrong" residence, isn't it possible he was working? He was an electrician, not a terrorist.


Since the British cops were so freakin' incompetent at making the correct assumptions about this suspect, isn't it possible that a) they made that "suspected" hideout crap up..especially since they were so deceptive about Menezes terrorist involvement, or b) they were again dead wrong about this being a suspects' safehouse?

It's more probable they named the place a "suspected" hideout because Menezes was coming from it, wearing a *gasp* heavy jacket(!), also a executable crime according to some.

Here's the thing: it's not "un-conservative" or "un-right wing" to hold people accountable when they completely screw up in this war on terror. Mistakes happen, but this is completely insane, and does not deserve to have a word of defense from anyone on the right or left.

All the paperwork nitpicking, clothing critiques and inconquestial whining about Menezes choice of running do not amount to squat.

An innocent, unarmed and petrified expat was hunted down and slaughtered. Those who defend this "operation" out some self-righteous notion about the WoT should be checking their heads.


Ian Scott said...

Good post, Patrick. You sure won't get any argument from me on this one.

Shamrocks! said...


Thanks. I'm seriously pissed that the right is trying to defend this BS.

Ian Scott said...

Heh... well.. let's put away our emotional responses to how some "defend" it (but yes, I empathize with you.. not sure if you're "seriously pissed" is the same as my "seriously pissed".. ). I'd like you to read my post here, and take a look at the comments as well: http://www.ianism.com/?postid=594

I know you and I have disagreed on somethings.. but I really respect you for your opinion on this, Patrick. I hope that maybe you'll also read my latest post "Late Night Ramblings" to understand better where I come from on "debates" etc. (just as an aside, in regard to our past issues ;) ).

Anyhow, you wrote a great post.. I call a spade a spade.. :) and I've had too much wine and am rambling now.. but yeah, I'm pretty disgusted with how folks have responded to this.. especially those that claim to believe in inherent rights as individuals.. it would seem that they only believe in those things as long as it suits their own prejudices and purposes. I've even read on some blogs where folks are going, "Good Job, London Cops! Mistakes will be made, but you did the right thing!"

I just shake my head. Maybe we'll make a libertarian out of you yet :P