Sunday, July 10, 2005

How's the New Orifice Working Out, Rick?
You ain't no f***in' (writer),
You a comedian
--DJ Quik, *edited*

Rick Salutin gets ripped a new one by Bob @ Let It Bleed.

Highlight of the Night:
Salutin implies, inexplicably, that the bombs going off in London and Madrid were actually provided by the US. Which is an interesting theory, given that it has been established that the Madrid bombs were made using explosives purchased in Spain. It's also worth noting that most accounts of the CIA's support of the resistance in Afghanistan to the Soviet presence don't include lessons on how to blow-up backpacks near subways (likely because the Kabul transportation system has, um, zero stations).

Killer. Honestly, when you read Salutin you wonder how this guy still has a job.

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