Saturday, July 16, 2005

Gaza Violence and the Israeli Pullout: Media Misses the Boat
When the time comes the body goes to dirt
Try to smooth it out like Levert
Keep the mind alert and not revert
--Beastie Boys

Every media outlet has missed the most obvious reason that Islamic Jihad and Hamas are ramping up there attacks before the Gaza pullout: They want to create the impression that the violence they perpetrate is forcing the Israelis out of Gaza.

via the Scotsman
Middle East peace in tatters as 14 die in wave of attacks

THE five-month-old Middle East ceasefire appeared to be unravelling as Israeli strikes on a van filled with rockets and a West Bank hideout killed six Hamas militants.

Too funny. First Hamas and IJ attack with suicide bombers and rockets, and Israel is the one breaking the ceasefire. Oh, and not a mention of the motivations of the terrorists....

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