Sunday, May 22, 2005

Music Notes

1. GZA and Muggs? Please believe me:
GZA gets mugged. Word is GZA and longtime collaborator DJ Muggs of Cypress Hill have completed 14 songs. Sources say the two are planning to drop a full-length album together on the turntablist's Angeles Records. The two have previously collaborated on Muggs' Soul Assassins series.

GZA's the Genius...and Muggs? He's dropped more basslines than Bootsy Collins.

2. "Lyla", by Oasis is #1 in the UK. The video sucks, but I love the song. The chorus is stuck in my head, too.

3. The Demon Days LP, by the Gorillaz gets smoked by Rolling Stone. That's okay: RS laid waste to every Led Zeppelin album. Demon Days is hot, and it's going to rip up stereos all summer long.

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