Sunday, May 08, 2005

Gorillaz Own This Block: Music Notes

1. The New Gorillaz Album "Demon Days" :
It's going to be hot. Neeeeeww doooot abooot it. Okay, I've already listened to the album, and it's killer. They are way out ahead of what's going on. They've added some hot eighties hip hop (I mean the good pop stuff), and some killer rap vocals to prop up some decent beats. Shaun Ryder, previously of the Happy Mondays, makes a memorable entrance on 'Dare'. I thought at first Damon might have been channelling Ryder's 'should-have-been-dead' psyche.

Also making an appearance: A children's choir does an ode to gunplay. Nice!

Shamrocks! says: Album of the summer-big beats, great melodies, pop accessibility and bumpin' bass lines.

2. The New 50 Cent Album "The Massacre": It's shocking only in terms of its violent content (and I say that after listening to every gangsta rap album for the last billion years) and because 50 cops the pop crap that he dissed Ja Rule for: Singing lame love songs. It's got a couple of tracks that are decent, but not much else, although Dre's production on "Out of Control" is great. Yeah, yeah: guns, drugs, sex and bleh, nothing interesting. Maybe comedic value for the worst rhymes of '05:
Clickety clank
Clickety clank
The money goes into
My piggy bank

UPDATE: I'm revising my assessment of 50's album....50 has some soul on this one. Maybe he listened to Kanye in his off time and learned to emote a little something when he rhymes "A lil' draw/a lil' hennessy/ n' *****s just don't know how to act"

Shamrocks! says: Overrated, but worthy of spins. The Eminem produced tracks excel.

3. The New Nine Inch Nails Album "With Teeth": A friend of mine got ahold of an advance copy of this one and it's definitely a NIN album. It's got the familiar-sounding melodies, some definite anger, and some heavy riffs. It will definitely leave the fans happy, and I count myself as one of them. "Only" is probably my favourite track on this one. Crazy piano loops, synth riffs, sweet beats, and distorted guitar. Good NIN Times.

Shamrocks! says: Fans only.

4. New Daft Punk Album "Human After All": Wanna hear a loop of a song that doesn't go anywhere? 5 minutes of a two bar riffs over the course of a CD is crazy lame.

Of course, Daft brings the cool house music of da France, and some tracks do standout. "Technologic" and the title track offer some decent beats and workout music. A true fan will find value in this one, and if nothing it provides DJ's something to mix in with some acapellas.

Shamrocks! says: For DJ's and fans.


Jay said...

Re: Fitty

I'm actually preparing a proposal here at work and I've got LL Cool J's "All World" in the deck (borrowed it from the G.F. wouldn't you know). I love the gangsta stuff when I'm in the mood, but damn, the old school jams are refreshing. Of course, LL eventually wound up writing mush-love songs, but I guess it happens to the best of them...

Shamrocks! said...

LL, if nothing else, has had staying power. He has been rapping since time began, and he still is able to bang out hits.

I think his rap career goes back further than anybody.....maybe him and dr. dre are about even.

RE: Rappers doing love's ridiculous, but fifty jumped Ja because of the crap love songs he did...and now fifty's new album has a couple of mushy ones.