Friday, April 08, 2005

Speaking of the Strangely Silent
Ohhhhh mother****er
You were the man a minute ago
--Crystal Method
So they dropped the needle, and where are the former big men who used to rule the country? Where's the bluster? Chretien is avoiding camera crews and Warren (aka: the Canadian Kissinger) isn't showing up either.

Meanwhile, the Calgary Grit is putting up something less than the brave face that we expect from Liberal apologists....Hell, even My Deluded Blahg is avoiding the elephant in the room.

Where are the jackasses with the golf ball jokes? The contempt for the judiciary? Where are the architects of Canada's Watergate?

How about this quote from centrist James Bow?
How disappointed are people going to be when the publication bans lapse and the Canadian public just shrugs its shoulders?
Hahaha. Really? That's too funny.

Since we're into ridiculous predictions: I predict that Canadians will remember Chretien and friends like the Americans remember Tricky Dick.

With disgust. Sneering contempt. Borderline hatred.

You want to know how Canucks are going to take this? Here's a small portion of an email from an apolitical relative:
Those Liberals are CROOKS! From Chretien and Martin down! I hope they all go to jail!
Yeah. Sounds like shrugging shoulders to me.
When tha **** goes down ya better be ready
(Ya better be ready)
--Cypress Hill

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