Friday, April 29, 2005

Notes From Japan
This is the dawning of the rest of our lives,
On holiday!
--Green Day
1. Today is a holiday known in Japan as "Green Day" or "Greenery Day", although it now been reverted back to its old name of "Showa Day" after Emperor Showa (aka: Hirohito, in the West). It also begins "Golden Week", a week long holiday that includes an old Shinto celebration called "Boy's Day", although it is now known as "Children's Day"

2. To kick off the holiday, me and a friend killed some beers at a Gaijin bar in Yagi called "S 2", where one of the patrons of the small bar decided he was far too hot with his clothes on and decided to run about naked. Hilarious. Except, as we were the only two Gaijins in the bar, we were singled out for attention by naked man. The dimunitive budding nudist decided it was time to take the nudity on the street for some hardcore fight action, which was politely declined....It didn't all end badly. Everyone ended up friends after some apologies and laughs and all shared a very non-nude hug afterwards.

3. Canadians are borderline retarded.

4. More updates on the recent train crash, outside Osaka.

5. We head to Hiroshima tomorrow. I'm going to take a lot of photos, so I'll post them ASAP.

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