Saturday, April 09, 2005

Gomery Rollout

+Images of the Front Pages of Canada.

+Winds of Change puts down some hindsight (20/20).

+Warren is pissed because the Post dumped on him today.......and they are "hyporcrites" (Warren's spelling) for having critized Gomery previously. Ol' W is still blathering about the cost of the Gomery as if the money spent on the commission has been anything but the best government investment in millenia. He's just plain missing the point. Here's his diss of the Chretien regime: "pompous, dishonest, deceitful". Oh wait, that's his take on the NP editorial board.. ...Where's the shame? Answer? There's none.

+ 34% of all Canadians are still unbelievably stupid.

+ Cockroaches hide from the light - Further proof of the Corrupt Sack of ****'s (tm) status.

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