Monday, April 18, 2005

1994: Martin Knew About Adscam
Just an example
Just a little sample
--Cypress Hill

OTTAWA -- A key Liberal warned Paul Martin's chief of staff in 1994 of serious problems with the Finance Department's awarding of polling contracts, including to a firm with close ties to Martin.

A letter from Warren Kinsella to Terrie O'Leary, made public at a Commons committee Monday, warned of flawed competitions for public-opinion polling contracts, excessive payments, unnecessary work and political interference.

But O'Leary and another former top Martin aide testified that they did nothing wrong.

"Terrie, all of this spells trouble and you know it," Kinsella wrote in his letter.

That's interesting for two reasons:
1) First of all, almost all the Liberals involved knew about this for some time, including Martin.
2) Warren knows down deep that Adscam stinks, but he still resolved to defend Chretien regardless.

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