Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Kyoto's A Big Town, But I'm the only CPC member here.
I had the day off, so we spent some quality time in Kyoto checking out the Golden Pavillion, Kinkaku Temple, seen below.

Later, we headed for the Ryoanji Zen Garden, the most famous Zen garden on earth:

It occurred to me while I was achieving inner peace, that the Kyoto protocol add-on to the federal budget is very clearly an attempt to force an election and once again divide the country between the western conservative base and the eastern liberal majority.

It might just work.

It seems to be another geographically divisive electoral strategy that works, and I have to give the Libs props for pulling this out of their hat. If Harper is half the strategist he is made out to be, he'll be able to counter this somehow.

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