Monday, March 28, 2005

Blog Roll Out/Reppin' Tunes

(Don't hold back)
cuz you woke up in the morning with initiative to move,
so why make it harder
(Don't hold back)
If you think about it so many people do, be cool man, look smarter,
(Don't hold back)
and you shouldn't even care, about the losers in the air,
and their crooked stares,
(Don't hold back)
cuz there's a party over here, so you might aswell be here,
where the people care,
The world is holding back
the time has come to...

--Q-Tip/Chemical Bros

I've updated this page bigtime. I've got some new links, such as le figaro (fr + eng to work on my French), Andrew Coyne (who I initially dropped because he said nothing about the Kinsella debacle...but I have Warren what the hell?), the Daily Yomiuri, the Calgary Grit, MX Tabs, the RATM site at the I've slimmed down the business and the music sections...still some fat on the other links section. I'm getting rid of the think tanks and leaving the that stuff for Renegades!

Music wise, I'm hooked on the one two punch of LCD Soundsystem and the Scissor Sisters. The Sisters have the coolest tune of "Filthy/Gorgeous" on my computer: The lyrics are killer.....I'm working on my own remix of it..pretty sweet. I'm still going with the mid nineties Ice Cube, John Denver, the new Chemical Bros, the debut of Rage, plus some rap instrumentals I've found (J-Kwon's "Tipsy" has the biggest beats on earth). I also found "Deep Cover" where Snoop was introduced to the rap world by Dre....I think it was released as a mixtape.

Hall of Shame: Ini Kamooze's "Hotstepper" is playing.

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