Monday, December 13, 2004

Hey! Ya Think the Time is Right for Palace Revolution
You're Like an Actor
With another script
Predictable like Rambo
With another clip

This completely escaped my notice: It seems Adrienne Clarkson said that she didn't know if the kids could have their Christmas fun if her budget was cut. I would be happy to review the budget with her to help find some extra room to cut...You never know, we might even come up with a surplus.

Actually, I gaurantee I'd put the GG's office in the Black.
Don't cut the kids' fun, Clarkson told
G-G's budget reduced: 'Serve less caviar at next cocktail party,' MacKay advises
by: Bill Curry

OTTAWA - MPs are accusing Governor-General Adrienne
Clarkson of playing a public relations game by threatening to cut children's
programs at Rideau Hall during Ottawa's Winterlude festival because Parliament
voted on Thursday to reduce her budget.

Opposition MPs said the $417,000 reduction to Madame Clarkson's
fourth-quarter budget could be addressed by scaling back across the board rather
than taking the knife to such popular events as Order of Canada ceremonies and
That's too funny. What a PR disaster for this tool. Here she is, already on thin ice for lavish spending...and then she has to come out with this statement? I'm glad we don't live in medieval times, because this kind of statement would be grounds for a medieval remedy. Check out the comments at the bottom of the page:
First of this the type of representative we want for... Robert
If only we didn't spend that last million on those Christmas... Bubbles
do we really need a governor general? Having one only waste... SA
Perhaps it is time to replace Madame Clarkson, amd if Bill G... R Hull
Clarkson and John Saul, who host a free afternoon of childre... lynn webber
queen clarkson shows she knows even less about public relati... william morkin
If Peter McKay has proof of plans to spend $417,000 on cavia... Loraine King
In my opinion, being that the GG is the queens representativ... D.S.
I have a way to save money on the Gov Generals spending. Get... Mike Berezin
Clarkson makes Scrooge look like Santa. The idea of cutting ... steven Adamson
How dare you, Ms. Clarkson, punish the children while you wi... Pamela
Cut 100% and remove the arrogant SOB. Andreas

She's playing the part of queen, and this movie's a flop. Bang the Gong: this is amateur night at the Rideau Apollo ("Get off the stage! You Suck!").

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