Sunday, November 14, 2004

Wack a mole Operations in Iraq
Falluja is under control. Mosul falls. Let's hope they can get the insurgency beaten down for good (crossed fingers).

US troops tackle last Fallujah rebels amid Mosul offensive
AFP: 11/14/2004
FALLUJAH, Iraq (AFP) - US troops tackled Fallujah`s last tenacious insurgents but were still days away from completing major search operations, as the mutilated body of a Caucasian woman was found by marines.

With a convoy carrying aid for thirsty and hungry civilians in the rebel enclave still blocked by the military, US-led forces said that more than 1,200 insurgents had been killed in the assault launched late November 7.

Meanwhile, in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul, the country`s third largest, Iraqi and US troops moved in after days of unchecked lawlessness, with clashes erupting between rebels and security forces Sunday.

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