Tuesday, November 09, 2004

The Streets: A Grand Don't Come For Free
I've listened to the album a few times and only now do I 'get' it. This is a complex story...yeah, yeah, call it a concept album, but it is really good. It's a mystery..its got an intro, rising action, a climax, a denouement, poetic justice and karma....

Anyways, after a few listens you'll have to go back and re listen to catch the clues. This is different. Mike Skinner is a survivor and has shown that he has seen farther than his peers-again. This is two for two where he has stunned me..although this time it took me longer to grasp...like listening to a radiohead album:
It was supposed to be so easy
Just take back the DVD
Withdraw that extra money
Tell mum I wouldn't be back for tea
then grab my savings and hurry
So first to get the film back in time
To avoid that big fine
I had to do a fast hill climb
but a faster decline

That's the beginning... a little forshadowing. Good stuff all around.

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