Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Number 1 Reason To Avoid Messing With Dr. Dre.
This guy must be on 'the crack' as they say:

Young Buck Faces Arrest
G-Unit rapper implicated in Vibe Awards stabbing

Police have issued a warrant for G-Unit's Young Buck in connection with the
Monday night stabbing at the Vibe Awards, held in a Santa Monica, California,
airport hangar. Twenty-six-year-old Jimmy James Johnson, the man who instigated
a sizeable brawl by throwing a punch at Dr. Dre, suffered a serious stab wound
to the upper body and is currently in stable condition at a local hospital.

What was this guy thinking? Punching Dre? Mr. "NWA" himself?
Don't think I forgot, let you slide
Let me ride, just another homicide
Yeah it's me so I'ma talk on
Stompin on the 'Eazy'est streets that you can walk on
So strap on your Compton hat, your locs
And watch your back cause you might get smoked, loc
And pass the bud, and stay low-key
B.G. cause you lost all your homey's love
Now call it what you want to
You ****ed wit me, now it's a must that I **** wit you
--Dr. Dre

I was watching some footage of it and it was just wrong all around. It was really sad watching this guy get stabbed. He was basically just sitting beside the stage and it looked like evyerthing was calm. All of a sudden, I guess Young Buck ran up and started stabbing this kid...and it wasn't like he had a chance, he was just sitting with his back to the crowd.

It is pretty weak to
a) go overboard to 'protect' your 'friend', who can handle himself just fine, was in no danger and is pretty removed from yourself. We're talking about six degrees of seperation from Dre to Young Buck: Dre, Eminem, 50 Cent, G Unit, then Young Buck.
b) stab someone
c) attack someone from behind when they aren't looking

That being said, it is also pretty stupid to attack a rap legend with a posse bigger (in size and numbers) than the Seattle Seahawks.

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