Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Those Radical Israeli Students

I keep hearing about these radical Israeli students who attack opposing speakers, are constantly arrested on suspiscion of terrorism, verbally attack members of other religious groups....oh, nevermind, I believe I have my groups mixed up:

Toronto university probes threats against Muslims

Flyers threatening Muslim students with violence and death have been discovered at Ryerson University, forcing the campus to investigate its second hate crime of the summer.

''The Islamic infidels have no belonging in Toronto and in the world at all ... we ask that whenever you spot a Muslim ... that you beat them and cause harm to them. Kill these Islamic infidels,'' reads one of the notices in broken English and signed by a group calling itself the Full Blooded Israeli Brigades.

The flyers -- typed on letter-size paper -- were found on bulletin boards at four prominent campus locations last Thursday, said Bruce Piercey, Ryerson's manager of public affairs.

"We've never seen anything like it before [on a Canadian campus]," said Detective James Hogan of the Toronto Police Hate Crimes Unit.

Another notice claimed responsibility for a June incident in which the words "Die Muslim Die" and the Star of David were found scrawled on the walls of Ryerson's multi-faith prayer room: "We would like to claim responsibility for the anti-Muslim graffiti that we put in the multifaith room on June 23, 2004. While this may be considered a hate crime or a despicable act, it is not. We are just getting back at the Muslim faggot that vandalized Jewish property and wrote anti-Semitic graffiti. We assure the Muslim students at Ryerson university that we will continue to send messages and that this incident is only the first of many. We want to let them know that no Muslim student will be safe and that security isn't going to stop us."

That's funny: broken english? If the students were from Israel, their English would have been perfect since it taught there at an early age. Infidel? Almost exclusively used as a muslim slur again non-muslims. "Kill the muslims wherever you find them"? Sort of like that passage from the Koran "Kill a jew whever you find him"? And homophobia?...well...Also interesting: a 'multi faith' room is the target of the attackers who were seeking to attack the muslim faith. Not a mosque, or an exclusively muslim symbol.

Yes, this is disgusting, and I have a hunch who the perpetrators are. Just a hunch.

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