Monday, August 16, 2004

Guardian Hits Bottom. Starts Digging.

The Guardian goes off its rocker some days, like the bbc but on that crazy british crack that Ali G sells. Now the anti-american chattering classes of england must be getting desperate now that they can't do the 'blair lied' thing, or that 'really, iraq is a hell-hole' thing, or the 'that prisoner abuse thing was really widespread and horrible'.....or, something they don't mention now:

1) the coalition will lose in afghanistan (yep, they said it)
2) the coalition will lose in iraq (yep, they said it)

what to do? Get a local fanatic to write columns for similarly inclined rabid mouthed britons:

US loses big in Najaf

Resistance in the holy city has proven that the US won't allow democracy in Iraq
(ed-seriously, does that sentence make any sense? The existence of local terrorists....nevermind).
By Kamil Mahdi
Tuesday, Aug 17, 2004,Page 9

The US military offensive against Najaf is a dangerous and ill-judged escalation, revealing the violent reality of an occupation that has undergone only cosmetic change since the supposed handover of power to an "interim Iraqi administration" in June. For more than a week, an aggressive foreign power has addressed an essentially domestic political question by means of tanks, helicopter gunships and F16s..

A purely domestic political question is trying to start a violent shi'a uprising with the help of Iran. Every word in the phrase "purely domestic political question" is at odds with the other 3.

There had been a ceasefire in place between the US forces and their main opponents around Najaf, and mediation efforts had been effective in containing tension. The current violence in the vicinity of one of Islam's most sacred sites appears to be a result of the failure of this mediation to co-opt Moqtada al-Sadr and his movement into a national conference, which the US had hoped would bestow a stamp of approval on the interim government.

Yeah, the US for wanted sadr to join the democratic process like the rest of the iraqi leaders. Damn Americans, eh? Too bad he has relaunched his attacks on the US about a million times. "peace USA, until at least i get another shipment from Iran".

The offensive is not -- as claimed by the US-appointed interim government and by the US military -- an action against outlaws, nor is it an attempt to establish security and the rule of law. There is a great deal of random violence in occupied Iraq. Some of this violence is of a purely criminal character, and some is of a terrorist nature with more or less vague political objectives. Many of the perpetrators are so shadowy as to invite a widespread belief that outside powers are directly involved in fomenting chaos

Not against outlaws, its just boys risking their necks in the name of fun, right? Random attacks in the most dangerous part of the globe amongst religious fanatics is just the ticket for a boring saturday night after the ole' dip in saddam's palace.

Sources for these 'random' attacks? Any eye witnesses? Nah! who needs em' when you have imagination!

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