Tuesday, August 03, 2004


This thing has legs, and as long as Canwest, the star and the post keep keeping the heat on this it will live....

CHOI-FM renews fight to remain on the air

MONTREAL -- The federal government may have to compensate for any damages incurred by the controversial Quebec City radio station CHOI-FM if its broadcasting licence is not renewed, the station's lawyer has warned Prime Minister Paul Martin.

In a formal notice sent to Mr. Martin on Sunday, Guy Bertrand said the federal cabinet should reverse its decision to stay out of the regulatory dispute.

"Should you persist in your decision, you will make your government responsible for all special damages that our client will suffer and could suffer in the future," Mr. Bertrand wrote.

CHOI owner Patrice Demers has said he would stand to lose his $25-million business if the licence were allowed to expire Aug. 31.

The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission ruled in July that it would not renew CHOI's licence, citing a long pattern of offensive, harassing comments by its morning shock-jock hosts.

Quebec City's most popular station then asked the federal cabinet to intervene. But in a terse statement issued late Friday afternoon, Heritage Minister Liza Frulla declined to set aside the decision or refer it back to the CRTC.

Ms. Frulla said her position was based on a legal opinion from the Privy Council.

Typical Liberal strategy on tough issues: "See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil...so present it to the courts".

This is interesting because CHOI is threatening civil rather than criminal court action....Its not like the liberals will care about spending taxpayer money to make this go away, however.

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