Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Israel's Wall

Its official, Israel is the punk rocker of the international stage. They do what they want, and they don't give a *uck what anyone else thinks.

And good on them.

If they did, the Palestinians would be running rampant again, just like they did after their (haha, turnabout is fair play) "unilateral" decision to scrap the Oslo peace process and commence with their "uprising". Now the ICJ, which does not give a rat's ass about Israel's security decided that Israel should tear down the wall.


The arab/european majority in the UN are pushing around the world's most kickass little country:

France ‘pleased’ at UN call to dismantle West Bank barrier

PARIS, July 21 (AFP) - France on Wednesday expressed satisfaction at the passage of a UN General Assembly resolution calling on Israel to tear down part of its West Bank barrier, hailing in particular the EU's common approval.

"We are pleased with the adoption of this resolution, which illustrates the effectiveness of the negotiations process among the Europeans," foreign ministry spokesman Herve Ladsous told reporters.

The talks "allowed for the text to be amended in a way that reflected the Europeans' wishes," the spokesman noted.

I think we all know what those wishes are. Something along the same wishes as Iran, I imagine.

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