Thursday, July 29, 2004

France? the US? Not seeing eye to eye? naaahhh...

From the "I never thought I would live to see this" file:

NATO Deadlocked on Iraq as U.S., France Spar

By John Chalmers
BRUSSELS, Belgium (Reuters) - NATO was deadlocked after a second day of debate on training Iraq's troops Thursday, as the United States and France stuck to their guns in a dispute over whether to put the mission under the command of U.S.-led forces.

A NATO official voiced confidence that an agreement would be reached at another meeting of ambassadors scheduled for Friday morning, but diplomats said there was no sign either Washington or Paris had given ground.

They said there would be intensive consultations among member states during the night to resolve a standoff that has put a spotlight on the lingering mistrust between the two countries more than a year after they fell out over the U.S.-led Iraq war.

Not getting their act together means millions may die. Thanks guys. What to go.

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