Saturday, July 03, 2004

The Decline of Journalism, chapter 496

Writer fabricated names, quotes, National Post says

From Saturday's Globe and Mail

A medical reporter at the National Post has left the newspaper after it learned that stories he had written allegedly contained fabricated names and quotes.

A note to readers on Page 2 of yesterday's Post said nine articles by Brad Evenson, a senior journalist at the paper who has won awards for his stories about medical research, contained false information.

"The Post takes this seriously and it is not in any way indicative of the quality of reporting and editing at the newspaper," Post editor Matthew Fraser said in the five-paragraph note to readers that offered no apology for the breach of journalistic ethics. Mr. Fraser was unavailable for comment yesterday and no other Post executive would talk about the incident.

Not good. and it might not be indicative of the post's quality, but it sure is a trend in journalism. maybe journalists can start critiquing each other's work a little more carefully. can safire over at the ny times start fisking MoDo's work?

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