Saturday, July 24, 2004

CRTC Trouble

The Fascists at the CRTC might have to start censoring Canwest, myself, Andrew Coyne and the academic establishment-->if only they could.

Coyne weighs In

The Quebecois Get Braveheart on us:

Thousands turn out for radio-station rally


QUEBEC — Several thousand people chanting "Freedom" turned out today to support controversial radio station CHOI after Canada's broadcasting watchdog refused to renew its licence.

The CRTC recently ruled the station has repeatedly broadcast insulting and offensive comments and said CHOI will be yanked from the airwaves on Aug. 31.

The rally is part of a strategy to help save the station, which says it has more than 350,000 listeners in the Quebec City area.

CHOI host Gilles Parent said people are expressing their choice by demonstrating.

"It's the strength of the people who are simply saying for different reasons, "There's no question you are going to decide for us what we are going to listen to or what we like,' " said Parent, who hosts an afternoon show.

And Reporters Without Borders ittogether here.

Radio station censored in Quebec

Reporters Without Borders voiced concern about the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC)'s refusal to renew the broadcasting licence of the Quebec radio station CHOIradioX, calling it an "an precedented case of curbing freedom of expression" in the French-speaking Canadian province.

"Silencing a station just because of controversial remarks during a daily programme is excessive and amounts to censorship," the worldwide press freedom organisation said.

The 13 July move against the station followed supposedly "offensive" and "abusive" comments made on the air by Jean-François Fillion, presenter of a popular morning show, "Le monde parallèle de Jeff" (Jeff's World), and by André Arthur, of the station CKNU, who until recently joined Fillion for 30 minutes during the show.

We have to watch out for each other's freedoms and get each other's backs.

Would ya be down like a soldier
Loyal, and do everything I told ya
I can mold ya into a warrior
Down for ya neighborhood
Workin up to a G with the flava
Criminal behavior, on ya mind
When I got ya back ya know I got ya back each and every time
---Cypress Hill, Throw yo set in the air

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