Monday, July 19, 2004

Arafat's Tactics

MSNBC points out something the press always, mysteriously, seems to miss:

Arafat's formula for defanging his critics has long been to accuse them of being Israeli and American puppets, collaborators with the occupiers, instantly putting them on the defensive and distracting attention from the issues they raised. A beating by Arafat's militants would often follow, and criticism would soon die down.

But this time it's the militants who are doing the criticizing. Led by Al-Aqsa Brigade gunmen, thousands of Palestinians this weekend marched in defiance of Arafat, calling for an end to his corruption, cronyism and nepotism.

Accusing them of being American puppets and then having a beating administered? (Just subtract the word "beating" for "media lashing" and you have the Liberal strategy for maintaining power in Canada.) This kind of thing is never mentioned by the mainstream press. They still refer to Arafat as the "elected" president of the territories and state that he is the key to peace in the middle east. Yes, the man who has literal beatings administered to his own people because they criticize him is going to be the man who makes peace with his lifelong avowed enemy: Israel.

That's some fine analysis boys. Keep up the good work.

I think the media equivalent of Chief Wigham is running the newsrooms of world.

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