Friday, June 04, 2004

Who's Racist?

CP finally picks up on this westcoast story....

Bigot, booze e-mail forces Grit to quit


A young volunteer working for a Liberal candidate in Vancouver has resigned after inviting student supporters to a "drinking until you die" event in an e-mail that suggested Conservatives are bigots. In the e-mail, Jon Loewen said Conservatives who joined the non-partisan drink-up "could sit in a corner and hate gay people and immigrants and social programs and basically anything that's reasonable or good."

Loewen, who was working for Shirley Chan, the candidate for Vancouver East, reminisced in the e-mail about how he used to go to the pub "and get retarded, and get into 'altercations' ... with the police" before he started working double shifts.

i saw this guy on the news saying that he's sorry and that the email was 'only supposed to be sent to a few friends'.

oh sorry, we found out accidently that you are an intolerant moron.

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