Tuesday, June 08, 2004

The only thing that could kill the conservatives' chances...

themselves. carrol gallant should be kicked out of the party for being a complete moron. during an election campaign she decides to kill the party's chances. what a fool.

this is some bad reporting from ctv, since they go straight into 'gallant's comments', without introducing her at all. also, the headline leaves the reader with the impression that harper said something...

Martin slams Harper over MP's abortion comment
CTV.ca News Staff

Prime Minister Paul Martin is criticizing Conservative Leader Stephen Harper for failing to speak out against remarks from one of his MPs comparing abortions to the beheading of an American contractor by Iraqi terrorists.

Speaking to reporters en route to the G-8 summit in Sea Island, Georgia, Tuesday, Martin said if a member of the Liberal Party had come out with such an "extreme statement," he would have spoken out immediately.

"She made a statement that is absolutely abhorent. And the fact is, Mr. Harper saw no need to basically single that statement out as one that is absolutely unacceptable," Martin told reporters. He wouldn't say whether he would expel an MP from caucus over such a remark.

Gallant's comment appeared in an article in The Western Catholic Reporter about an anti-abortion rally on Parliament Hill last month. The article reported that Gallant compared the killing of American Nick Berg to the abortions performed in Canada over the last 35 years and said they are "absolutely no different."

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