Thursday, June 24, 2004

Michael Moore, slob, liar, propagandist

Michael Moore's new Film un-farsighted 411 (note: bradbury has it all over Moore. Moore isn't fit to paraphrase him at all), or whatever its rip off name may be, is about to drop in theatres. I'm not going to be one of those people who discourages anybody to see it, in fact, i'll probably be going to see it myself in the near future. i have read all kinds of reviews of the movie, but i'm not going to try to comment on the movie itself. i hear it has some interesting footage of the war in iraq..

what i will say, is that many people walking out of moore's last film 'bowling for columbine' were thinking it was some amazing piece of cinema "brilliant!", "so true!"...etc, etc, they said. the problem is that his research was about as shoddy as moore's diet. okay, maybe not that bad. but, weightwatchers jests aside, moore really skewered any credibility he had by making a factually-challenged film...

to be fair, here's a page where tries to confront a very, very, small percentage of the direct attacks on his movie....these, apparently, are his best responses ...... for instance, moore says:

The Truth: Lockheed Martin is the largest weapons-maker in the world. The Littleton facility has been manufacturing missiles, missile components, and other weapons systems for almost half a century. In the 50s, workers at the Littleton facility constructed the first Titan intercontinental ballistic missile, designed to unleash a nuclear warhead on the Soviet Union; in the mid-80s, they were partially assembling MX missiles, instruments for the minuteman ICBM, a space laser weapon called Zenith Star, and a Star Wars program known as Brilliant Pebbles.

In the full, unedited interview I did with the Lockheed spokesman, he told me that Lockheed started building nuclear missiles in Littleton and "played a role in the development of Peacekeeper MX Missiles."

As for what's currently manufactured in Littleton, McCollum told me, "They (the rockets sitting behind him) carry mainly very large national security satellites, some we can't talk about." (see him say it here)

hmmm, so at the littleton shop they didn't manufacture great big guns, did they? nope. just satellite rockets....i won't get into any chomsky "manufacturing of consent" type puns here...... the point being that moore attempted to pin lockheed as partly to blame for the columbine massacre because they happened to have a manufacturing branch in littleton. how is this any less insane than trying to pin it on marilyn manson?

what i'd like moore to address is the fact that he tries to paint the NRA as the Neo-KKK. here's a total refutation of that 'fact':

From "Bowling for Truth"

The 1871 founders of the National Rifle Association were diametrically opposed to the Confederates who founded the KKK. The NRA founders were Union officers who had fought on the anti-slavery side of the Civil War (you know - the side that won). Dismayed by the poor quality of Union marksmanship during the war, the NRA's founders aimed to improve the shooting skills of the American public at large. The first NRA president was Ambrose E. Burnside, who had served as commander of the Army of the Potomac.

Actually, not only was the NRA founded by former Union officers, but eight of its first ten presidents were Union veterans. As Dave Kopel explains: "These included Gen. Winfield Scott Hancock, a hero of Gettysburg, and Gen. Phillip Sheridan, the famous Union cavalry commander. During Reconstruction, Gen. Sheridan served as military governor of Louisiana and Texas, and removed hundreds of local officials (including the governors of both states, and the chief justice of the Texas supreme court) from office for failing to respect the rights of freedmen and for failing to enforce laws for their protection."

moore tried to paint the NRA as some racist group of former KKKers, which is just ridiculous. this tied in perfectly to his interview with heston, where heston offered the politically incorrect, but historically accurate view that racial tensions often create civil strife. you don't need to look far to see how this is true, given that the same liberals who vowed heston was a racist are the same people who think the sunnis, the shias and the kurds are ready to kill each other at a moments notice....

heston, having at least partially disadvantaged because of his age and senility was kind enough to let an unwanted visitor (moore) enter his house unannounced and was promptly made to look foolish. moore took advantage of an elderly and disadvantaged man. what a revolutionary.

i should tell you right now i don't have a gun, nor have i ever fired a gun, nor do i want a gun, nor am i big on gun rights. although i think our gun registry is ridiculous, that's another rant....
what i'm saying here is that i hope when the public sees moore's new movie, there will be some critical thinking in considering the 'facts' that moore presents, and that i hope there is a dialogue about the subjects brought up.

anyways, just keep your eyes and mind open. that's the point here.

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