Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Iraq Resolution

hey, looks like the world got it together and started cooperating on what is a group problem. congrats. maybe we could have some constructive 'multilateral' action on this.

Security Council, in a 15-0 Vote, Backs Measure on Iraq Turnover

UNITED NATIONS, June 8 — The Security Council voted unanimously on Tuesday in favor of an American and British resolution to end the formal occupation of Iraq on June 30 and transfer "full sovereignty" to an interim Iraqi government.

Along with giving international legitimacy to the caretaker government and outlining the United Nations' role in a post-June 30 Iraq, the measure authorized an American-led multinational force, now at 160,000 troops, to use "all necessary measures" in "partnership" with Iraqi forces to bring peace.

The 15-to-0 vote on the measure, co-sponsored by the United States and Britain, gave President Bush a major diplomatic win as he gathered with leaders of the Group of 8 industrialized powers for a summit meeting at Sea Island, Ga.

It provided stark contrast with the bitter division that arose at the Security Council last year over the American campaign in Iraq. "Today we are united on Iraq," said Lauro L. Baja Jr. of the Philippines, the Security Council president. "Yesterday we were divided on Iraq."

It also enabled the United States to cite support for its program to stabilize Iraq from Council countries like France, Germany and Russia that were vigorously opposed to American military action there.

John D. Negroponte, the American ambassador to the United Nations who is to become the United States envoy in Baghdad, said the vote "is a vivid demonstration of broad, international support for, and I quote from the text, `a federal, democratic, pluralist and unified Iraq in which there is full respect for political and human rights.' "

Secretary of State Colin L. Powell said the vote showed the international community was "coming together again to support the Iraqi people."

The Iraqi people, however, are not themselves unified; Kurds in particular fear the resolution may leave the Shiite majority too much power.

A number of the Security Council countries which had faulted the United States for disdaining the United Nations before the war praised it on Tuesday for its willingness to accept suggestions and revisions in the five weeks of negotiations over the draft.

Gunter Pleuger, the German ambassador, said the United States and Britain had shown a welcome "flexible and constructive approach."

the best little part of this ny times article is at the end:

The resolution also puts the new Iraqi leaders in charge of the nation's oil and gas revenues.

where are those who say this was a war of oil conquest? are they still out there? they lied and they have never repented. "its all about oil!" they screamed for months on response, nothing. at least the right admitted it was wrong (sort of) about wmd's.

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