Friday, June 18, 2004

Euro politics

so the euros got a constitution set up, due in part to fabulous efforts of the irish presidency this year.

EU heads 'agree new constitution'

The issue of voting rights pitted big countries against their smaller allies
Leaders from 25 countries have agreed the first written constitution for the European Union, diplomats say.
The deal came after the UK and France publicly criticised each other over the slow progress at the Brussels summit.

But both Germany and France backed a compromise constitutional draft put forward by Ireland - the current holder of EU presidency.

Reports say the other sticking point - a new European Commission president - has been postponed for later talks.


"I really think that the council will probably be very contented that we have reached finality on the IGC [Inter-Governmental Conference] and on the constitutional treaty," Ireland's Europe Minister Dick Roche told reporters.

The document includes one of the issues that torpedoed constitutional talks last year - resistance by smaller nations to plans for new voting rules.

The new plan says measures must have the backing of at least 55% of EU states, representing at least 65% of the total population, in order to pass.

EU leaders are due to formally adopt the deal shortly - once translated versions are available.

the uk got some concessions on the constitution (national vetoes) to ward off the growing euro skepticism....(the UKIP just won big in the european parliament) so that will mean patten won't be chosen by the other countries...not that he had a chance anyways...i think the french are gunning for someone from the Benelux countries...

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