Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Election Notes:

Coyne's got beef.
Andrew Coyne is not impressed with the conservative effort thus far, but even he admits that this effort was a lot better than the 2000 campaign. you have to give the cons marks for making themselves a viable alternative. harper has gone far in the limited amount of time he's had. he's put the party back together, retained all but a few of the tories and alliance members, expanded the membership lists bigtime and moved the party as a whole to the centre.

not bad work in a short time frame.

SES, tracking.

ses has the latest...apparently the demonization of harper is working, but at the expense of liberal respect.

the liberals are ahead 34%-31%, which means the cons are tracking upwards again and are in a statistical tie, doesn't really need to be said, but this still means that the cons are going to take the majority of the seats, simply because the liberals have concentrated support, and a big chunk of it is in quebec where the cons are at 9%.

as wells pointed out a while ago this still might mean a liberal lead govt with the ndp propping them up. a bad combo, to be sure...

here's a question:

which federal government would more money:
1) a minority liberal govt, propped up by the NDP?
2) a minority liberal govt, propped up by the blackmailing bloc?

dun, dun, duuuuuuuun!

Related question

which federal government would madame clarkson invite to form a government:
1) a minority conservative govt, who detests (rightfully) the cbc?
2) a minority liberal govt (with less seats than the cons?

answer: she'll make like every other patronage appointment. we gotta end the system of cronyism. if clarkson choses number 2, expect western alienation to rise exponentially. (like she'll care).

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