Thursday, June 10, 2004

Demonizing Begins

demonizing the leader of the right as a crazy right wing extremist eh?
this is the stuff of the lowest of the low.

remember the response to kim campbell's adds about chretien?

how about polling that consistently reports that canucks don't take to negative advertising like their US cousins?

scare tactics, appealing to fear of the 'other', lies, deceipt, propaganda, ends justified by means.

the liberal campaign smacks of some very ill smelling historical parallels. way to go, libs.

Liberals hope shock ads will provide jolt for listless campaign

Canadian Press

OTTAWA (CP) - The federal Liberals are counting on a series of anti-Conservative shock ads to help revive their sagging election campaign. The first new TV ad, aired Wednesday night, offers some stark images:

- A handgun aimed at viewers, its barrel practically pressed against the camera lens.

- Soldiers running across a desert, surrounded by tanks and toting machine-guns.

- Crying pregnant girls, slumped against a hospital wall.

- Smokestacks spewing noxious fumes into the air.

The images are part of an aggressive campaign aimed at jolting moderate voters away from the Tories by painting a bleak picture of Canada under Stephen Harper.

A female narrator's voice sombrely reads off a list of Liberal accusations: Harper would have sent troops to Iraq; he would reopen the abortion debate, weaken gun control and scrap the Kyoto accord on greenhouse gas emissions.

To hammer the point home, the ad closes with a red Maple Leaf flag dissolving against a Tory-blue sky.

Harper has vehemently denied most of the accusations, but the Liberals defended their shock tactic Thursday.

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