Friday, June 18, 2004

Conservative problem

okay, so the debates happened, time has passed and now the polls are turning against the cons...somewhat.

SES: Lib 34 % Con 29 % Ndp 22 % Bloc 10 % Green 5 % ...
Compas: Lib 35 % Con 34 % Ndp 17 % Bloc 11 % ...

the reports out of ontario seem to indicate that most of ontario is now deadset against the libs and that even bc (shock!) is turning conservative bigtime (i've been saying this would happen since the 'pundits' said the libs were going to split the province. weird.

i don't know where the gains are, but we'll see i suppose. if its in the east, it no biggie. quebec? who cares. ontario and the west are what matter most for this one.

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