Friday, June 04, 2004

Canadian Economy on Fire

we don't need no water let the ******ucker burn!

56,100 last month. 7.2% unemployment. sweet.

Economy adds 56,100 jobs
Globe and Mail Update

The Canadian economy generated jobs at more than twice the expected pace in May, pushing the nation's unemployment rate to its lowest level in nearly three years and raising the spectre of a fall interest rate hike.

According to a Statistics Canada report Friday, the economy created a surprising 56,100 new jobs last month. Economists had been forecasting an increase of just 25,000 positions.

As well, the bulk of the new jobs — 37,000 — were full-time positions, continuing the trend toward full-time employment seen in recent months.

Over the past nine months, full-time job growth now averages about 35,000 positions a month.

The nation's unemployment rate, meanwhile, fell to 7.2 per cent, its lowest level since July, 2001. In April, the jobless rate stood at 7.3 per cent.

the only problem is that bc's unemployment is actually rising.

British Columbia 7.8 (7.7)

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