Monday, March 01, 2004

Andrew Sullivan Advocates Voter Apathy

this made me angry :

BUMILLER LOST: Wonkette has the best reaction to the last Democratic debate. For my part, it confirmed something I've suspected for a while. John Kerry is highly unlikely to put John Edwards on his ticket. And his spending plans make even George Bush look fiscally responsible. A must-read this week: the Washington Post's analysis of Kerry's big spending budget plans. It looks increasingly as if anyone who cares about fiscal sanity is going to have to sit this election out.----------------------------

what is wrong with this guy? usually he's on point, but now he's saying that fiscal conservatives should stay home?

does he realize that voter apathy is a major problem? he does, of course, but he really has to think before he says things like this. millions and millions read his site daily, and its just a tad irresponsible to say something like this.

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