Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Euro False Alarm Watch
over at LGF charles is worried about anti semitism at the Ann Frank house, which is completely absurd...

hey, you don't have to convince me that europe is in trouble because of demographics, unassimilated segments of the population and anti semitism in general, but this article he cites is bogus in regards to dutch anti semitism....:


Against this backdrop, one would think that Amsterdam's Anne Frank House, the shrine to the Holocaust's most famous victim, would work to draw a historic and moral red line between the Shoah and the current Middle East conflict. Sadly, it turns out that the museum, established in the place where Anne and her family were hidden and ultimately betrayed to the Nazis, may have become the unwitting dupe of the insidious ''Jews = Nazis'' (or it is just Israelis?) chorus. Not far from where Anne wrote her remarkable diary, museum visitors now are confronted with a photo exhibit juxtaposing pictures of the Fuhrer and the Israeli prime minister as well as a video clip of protesters waving posters of Hitler and Sharon.


first off, the "jews = nazis" image was from an exhibit on "freedom of speech". it was not a was from images of protests in europe, that much is true, but the video exhibit was part of a interactive voting room, where participants fresh from the tour of ann franks' house could vote on issues of freedom of speech and censorship...

the exhibit was to address or begin a dialogue about the idea that fascism may rise again, if certain groups or people weren't censored to some degree...

the idea was to get people thinking about preventing another holocaust, not the beginning of another. this article is way out of context and is a complete pile of crap.

thank god so many people have seen the exhibit and don't have to take this scaremongering too seriously.

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