Friday, February 27, 2004

Dear Jean Pelletier: Feel Free to Jump in Nearest Lake

Ex-Olympian Bedard implicates Via in scandal News Staff

Olympic gold medal winner Myriam Bedard says she lost her marketing job at Via Rail two years ago because she blew the whistle on what turned out to be the sponsorship scandal.

She questioned the inflated invoices being submitted by Groupaction, a Montreal advertising company at the heart of the sponsorship scandal.

"I'm just a victim of that, because I was asking questions, I was refusing to do things that are illegal and I was just a victim of that," she said.


so, instead coming up with a counter argument, or some refutation of these facts, what does our man Pelletier do? The only thing a lying, sniveling, liberal can do:
Jean Pelletier, the head of Via Rail and one-time chief of staff to former prime minister Jean Chretien, dismissed Bedard's allegations.

But he didn't stop there, telling Montreal's La Presse newspaper that: "... This is a poor, single woman. She's feeling the stress of being a single mother who has financial responsibilities. She's really just looking for pity."

Exhibit A: a Canadian Icon with everything to lose by coming out about this scandal.

Exhibit B: a desperate, liar-friend of chretien, doing 'business as usual' with the taxpayers money....and, incidently, has everything to lose.

I can't imagine who has the credibility problem.

The conservatives back up the Hero:
"Imagine, he calls this Canadian hero a liar," said Conservative MP Peter MacKay in the House of Commons Friday. "He says he finds her pitiful, that this poor little girl doesn't have a husband. This is absolutely scandalous language coming from the head of a Crown corporation."

wow. nice choice of words. too bad there isn't a conservative leader to deliver these remarks in the commons today.

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