Monday, July 14, 2003

You know the Clinton Era's over when.....
Maureen dowd compares the bush team to make Bush look bad.

the money quote:

When the president attributed the information about Iraq trying to get Niger yellowcake to British intelligence, it was a Clintonian bit of flim-flam.

Right MoDo. That's why he said that it was british intelligence from the get go. what a flip flopr! he says one thing...and then keeps saying it! Crazy! how exactly the opposite of what clinton would do. MoDo: what a waste of good space. speaking of lies and clouding the issue:

Americans did not know what top Bush officials knew: that this "evidence" could not be attributed to American intelligence because the C.I.A. had already debunked it.

funny, i think the line consistently from all sides was that the CIA had reservations. we know that the british didn't...that's why the speech said 'the british have recently found.....'. modo strikes again for partisan hack crap.

here is the latest dowdification:

Bill Clinton.. maneuvered the get..head..and..the air hose

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