Saturday, July 19, 2003

Steal from us. please.
The federal govt has long taken gas tax from BC to the tune of 1 Bill dollars over the last 10 years or so...this money is specifically for infrastructure....and how much of this money has made it back to BC? about 30 million or so.


Now this.

Why would they say:

OTTAWA -- A secret federal government report dismisses B.C.'s request for $450 million for the proposed Richmond-Airport-Vancouver rapid transit megaproject and warns it faces "significant" risk of cost overruns, is unlikely to meet ridership projections, won't reduce traffic gridlock, and will do little to reduce Canada's greenhouse gas emissions.

and then say:

It dismisses B.C.'s request for $450 million, suggesting instead that Ottawa could contribute at most $350 million, despite repeated warnings from the provincial government that a lesser amount may be meaningless.

right. so the project may have cost overruns, so to make it even less attainable, we'll underfund this bad boy. great. thanks dhaliwal. way to use your influence.

this is the same guy who sat at the Kyoto hearings talking about how we were destroying the environment. it came out that dhaliwal had two large vehicles at was a massive SUV sucking back 10 mpg.

where's the membership application for the republic of western canada party?

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