Saturday, July 19, 2003

I smell a bland iran hand, man
Not exactly encouraging news: i don't believe this cleric is a moderate.

He is also too young. a man in his late 20's telling the faithful to rise up against the US lacks wisdom and respect to make this kind of judgement, no matter what society you are in. too young.

"If you ignore the Governing Council, you'll be restoring good to your country," Mr. al-Sadr - the son of a revered ayatollah, Mohammed Sadeq al-Sadr, who was killed by Mr. Hussein's regime in 1999 - told worshippers during a sermon at the main mosque in the holy city of Kufa.

when you can't thank your avenger, when you are blind with your hatred..

"Death to America, Death to Israel,"

can you be anything but a force for evil? having reservations about iraq? totally acceptable. being a member of the new governing council and are suspicious if nothing else of the US? okay. but you are a powerful leader being sidetracked because you chose not to participate and see your power trickle you're worried.

Good luck setting up a parallel structure based on iranian philosophy. and to announce your intentions.... what a dreamer. an inexperienced political player is what he is.

clearly, you could have stayed on the governing council and afterwards begin to take advantage, but outside of the recognized structure you will be useless. and possibly will come to a bad end.

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