Thursday, July 17, 2003

Email, couriers....what have you got?
i'm not against posties...i really do love them. they're consistent, friendly, and solit. nothing wrong with being a part of canada of the only money making crown corps in canada.....

having said that, i don't think going on strike is going to help.

why? remember the 1997 strike? that made them lose customers. people turned to couriers and the internet more, and they haven't looked back. its too bad...


if you are ever at the downtown vancouver post office, it is filled with nice people and all (nothing against posties) but it has a massive, soviet style, propaganda carving in granite of the glorious 'worker' outside.

its creepy, scary and stalinist. i don't like it.

anyways, i feel for the posties, but i hope that they can stay relevant in this day in age.....because they usually deliver junk mail.

in the cbc's the small business moron, garth whyte, further shooting himself and the business community in the foot:

"Seventy-three per cent (of our members) expect to lose revenue with a postal strike," said federation executive vice-president Garth Whyte, and 50 per cent said a strike would cause them to permanently reduce their businesses' reliance on postal services in the future.

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